Smart Car Holder with Wireless Charge

Smart Car Holder with Wireless Charge

MANTSON CHQC is an intelligent, safe, universal phone holder with wireless Qi charger, packaged with air vent and suction cup mount (2 in 1).

Via the ball joint, you can adjust the mount to your smartphone. This kit is suitable for smartphones with a screen size between 4 and 6.5 inches.


  • Smart Induction
    An infrared induction module is embedded. When an approximating smart phone is induced, the phone holder will automatically expand. After the mobile phone is well placed, the holder will automatically clamp and fix it.
  • Touch unlocking
    The touch indication area is innovately designed at the bottom of the holder. When a finger touches it, the holder will automatically unlock and expand, so the phone will stay in your hand.
  • Big arm span
    This holder has a 10cm holder arm span wide, which is suitable for 4 - 6.5 inches mobile phones.
  • Powerful motor and high stability and durability
    The holder includes an all-metal permanent magnet DC motor with 500G.CM torsion and has the door-lock clamping force. The mobile phone can be kept stable an reliable and will not fall off under any condition.Input 5V/2000mA, Power 10W Max., Conversion >73%.
  • Holder package for any type of installation
    Our package includes different holder accessories. The air vent, windshield and center console mount can be used at will and is suitable for different car makes and models.
  • Omnidirectional track ball for dead-zone free view
    The rear of the host is connected to the holder modules via an omnidirectional track bal, which can be adjusted via multiple views and angle to view from different view angles inside a car.
  • Qi standaard, variable frequency quick charge
    According to Qi Quick Charging Agreement, the supply power of 5w to 10w can be dynamically adjusted in different enviroments to be suitable for various USB interface power supplies.
  • Dual coil & Dual power
    With dual coils simultaneously energy supply, the induction area is larger and farther, and the charging effect will not be affected even using the phone case within 8mm thickness.
  • Smart protection chip
    Equeped with a new generation JCP smart chip, monitor the whole process of charging status to ensure the safety of the equipment.
    - Temperature protection
    - Power protection
    - Short-circuit protection
    - Overcharge protection
    - Over-discharge protection
    - Foreign substance protection
  • Self-explainable LED indicator and status
    With the LED indicators at the bottom, a user can easily know the operation statuses of the host, such as "Standby", "Charge", "Full Charge" and "Anbormal".
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