About Us

Mantson is a Dutch car electronics development and distribution company.

We design, develop and produce car audio extension modules (also called interfaces).

Our current product line is focused on extending factory head unit possibilities, by adding MP3 / WMA playback functionality through USB port.

After years of experience in developing, analyzing, testing and improving such interfaces for our foreign principals we have decided to start our own production line.

Our detailed knowledge of issues and imperfections of car audio interfaces, which are still not completely solved by most of our competitors, have resulted in the revolutionary cheap but extremely reliable piece of electronics.

This is achieved by using less, but more sophisticated high grade electronic components.

We have absolute confidence in the premium quality of our products and offering 2-year warranty for all our products.

New products are being developed and will be added to our website as soon as they have been extensively tested and approved by pilot drivers and quality assurance team.